Lake Maninjau

Maninjau Sunset

Beach Guest House Yard

We can  custom design a tour of the Minangkabau region of West Sumatra
  1. The Minangkabau ethnic group, also known as Minang (Urang Minang in Minangkabau language), is indigenous to the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra, in Indonesia
  2. The Minangkabau culture is matrilineal, with property and land passing down from mother to daughter, while religious and political affairs are the responsibility of men (This custom is called Adat perpatih)
  3. Today 4 million Minangs live in West Sumatra, while about 3 million more are scattered throughout many Indonesian and Malay peninsular cities and towns
  4. Our tours of the Minangkabau Highlands include stops to learn about the unique culture, crafts, performing arts, cuisine and architecture of the Minangkabau people

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