Lake Maninjau

Maninjau Sunset

Beach Guest House Yard

Lake Maninjau is a beautiful volcanic lake a short drive away from Beach guest house, and the drive to get there is almost as ooh as the destination.

44 SHARP BENDS The road to Lake Maninjau has 44 sharp bends, it is very unique and takes special skills to drive safely to the lake!

LAWANG TOP is a great place to sit and have a drink whilst enjoying the magnificent view of Lake Maninjau.

LAWANG is an area surrounded by sugar cane plantations and is the main producer in West Sumatra of sugar cane. You can witness the local people making brown sugar (saka) in traditional way.

SUNGAI LANDIR is another place with green scenery which faces down the slope of Singgalang Mountain.

KOTO GADANG is a very famous village for its traditional home industries of silversmith and embroidery. You can see how the local people make silver with the typical Minangkabau designs.

A picturesque green landscape is one of the most attractive scenes around this village.

and tour drop at hotel seme time day leaving from Maninjau or back to Lake Maninjau

Private  tour of Maninjau and surrounding villages (half day / full day)


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